Marina Aromshtam

Nastoyashchi korablik The Real Boat
Children‘s book. Age 4+. Mann Ivanov Ferber. Moscow 2019. 72 pages with illustra- tions by Viktoria Semykina
2019 winner BIBF Ananas Grand Jury Prize Beijing
2018 Klaus Flugge Prize London

The Real Boat, illustrated by Victoria Semykina, is all about a little paper boat who dreams of being real. One day he leaves his little pond to begin a long and some- times scary journey. He wants to sail to the ocean, which he has heard is so big that the water joins the sky. When a paper boat learns about the ocean, he is determined to go there so that he can be a REAL boat. The little boat is very brave. On his jour- ney he meets all sorts of friends, from the strong little tugboat to the glittering ocean liner. But he also learns that the real ocean is huge and deep and full of dangers.

No one is an island. But there are many wonderful children like brave little boats who won’t be afraid to set sail into the future to search for what it means to be REAL. This is the most important thing in life.

Lyrical text and magical illustrations combine to create a modern fable with an important message about striving for what you want and escaping your comfort zone. the life of a real suitcase. What could be nicer?