Zaza Burchuladze

Zoorama Zoorama. 421 pages
Tropen Verlag Germany/ Sulakauri 2022
Foreign rights: Germany

There is an animal in each of us, they say. But is there also a human being in each of us?

Everything gets out of joint. Especially when you live in isolation with your family. A father whose sex is constantly changing like that of a clown fish. A young woman who always keeps calm. A child who constantly plays with words. A young family, digital nomads in the middle of a faceless metropolis, in addition isolated by lockdown for some time. When they leave for a child's birthday party on the other side of town, they encounter strange doppelgangers and a nightmarish story. They are locked in a house surrounded by electric fences. It's gigantic, features a café, health club, bomb shelter, anti-aircraft defenses, a crematorium. Fugitive generals, armed civilians and escaped animals from a flooded zoo populate the hallways. Human and animal, inside and outside, man and woman, civilian and military - the boundaries blur, and it becomes increasingly uncertain who is who and what is what.

Zoorama is the venomous mixture of an insane world.