Zaza Burchuladze

Zaza Burchuladze was born in Tbilisi in 1973. He started writing after graduating from the National Academy of Arts in Tbilisi and has since published novels, short prose and screenplays. He translates Russian authors, including Dostoevsky, Kharms, Sorokin and Bitov, into Georgian. He played the leading role in the film version of one of Dzhavakhishvili’s novels, a Georgian literature classic.

Burchuladze is considered one of the most important writers of post-Soviet Georgian literature. As an underground writer he initially provoked outrage within Georgian society with his scandal topics and language experiments and was long ignored by critics. Since the appearance of his novels he has become a leading intellectual and one of the most promising authors, and is beginning to achieve fame beyond the borders of Georgia. After aggressive press, a severe insult on the radio by former president Saakashvili, physical attacks on the street of Tbilisi and ultraorthodox publicly burning his books, he had to flee to Germany with his family. He has received several awards for his novels, including the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Prize and the Brücke Award. Today he lives and works in Berlin.

2022 SABA Award Best Georgian Novel of the Year for ZOORAMA
2018 Bruecke Berlin Preis
2011 SABA Award Best Georgian Novel of the Year for INFLATABLE ANGEL
2011 Ilia State University Award
2008 Bakur Sulakauri Award
2003 Tsinandali Literary Award for Best Novel for MINERAL JAZZ

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Albania/ Ombra
Czech Republic/ Dobrovsky
France/ L'Age d'Homme
Germany/ Blumenbar, Tropen
Italy/ Odoya
Macedonia/ Antolog
Poland/ Claroscuro
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