Aleksei Ivanov


Nenastye Nenastye. Novel. AST. Moscow 2018. 638 pages.
Foreign rights: France/ Payot et Rivages

Using a thriller plot the novel describes the developement of Russian society from the 90ies into the early 2010s. The plot takes place in a provincial town where ex-Afghanistan combats form a first mafia group that still obeys rules of comradeship and „honesty“ and brings kind of stability to the town. But slowly they are pushed aside by other mendacious and „dishonest“ guys who are seeking their private financial profit only. A late revenge of one of the old „honest“ guys brings the situation to escalation. A very emotional caleidoscope and realistic analysis of the Russian provincial society developing after the end of the Soviet Union.

Obshchaga-na-Krovi The Dormitory. Novel. Azbooka. St. Petersburg 2008. 216 pages.
Foreign rights: World English/ Glagoslav

A group of five students is driven out of their dormitory. Without official residence rights, the young people are driven into illegality. They have to sacrifice a lot to survive in the city. But to what limits can everyone go without betraying themselves and their friends? The heroes of the novel are clever, but also maximalist in their demands on their own lives. Which is why they suddenly find reasons to do things they don't want to and shouldn't do.

Bludo i Mudo Bludo and Mudo. Novel. Azbooka. St. Petersburg 2007. 571 pages.