Aleksei Ivanov

Kommuniti Community. Mystical horror thriller. AST. Moscow 2011. 384 pages


Top manager Gleb is consequently realizing his dream of a premium life. A prestigi- ous and interesting job in a famous IT company, an apartment in Moscow, a good car, a coveted woman, the best brands. But then a co-owner of the company, a brilliant IT manager, dies. And with the appearance of his daughter, who has remained without inheritance, and a mysterious inscription on an ancient grave cross, which was disco- vered by accident, Gleb‘s contemplative life ends...

And over the modern and seemingly prosperous world of Moscow, a strange, but obvious veil is laying: the smell of the plague. As rallies rally on the streets and citizens step on the barricades, the keyword plague, the Black Death, becomes increasingly popular in the virtual space of the agitated Internet portal. The members of the social community become more and more involved in a mysterious intellectual game, the more often they share links to the allegedly eradicated disease. And in the end, they become hostages in a com- pletely different, sinister deadly game.

Ivanov is at home in different genres. But he is always interested in those times, places and events in Russian culture where a transition from one cultural system to another takes place. Be it in Russian history, where new times replace the old ones, thematized in his historical and contemporary novels. Be it the collision of parallel systems, as in his mystical thrillers. His books are all explicitly plot driven, which is why almost all of them have become movies. Because they are easy to read and follow the rules of the genre, they are always aimed at a broad audience. But even on the surface one senses, without having to consciously perceive it, the authentic saturati- on and great closeness to life of his novels. Because only one layer deeper Ivanov‘s books are full of documentary facts, socio-historical descriptions and witty references. This way, even more intellectual reader will get their money‘s worth and on top of that a good deal of horror, suspense or historical-exotic entertainment.