Natalia Stepanova

Stepanova was born in Siberia and spent much of her childhood with her grandmother Evdokia, who was a famous sorceress. During her stays in her grandmother‘s house, Natalia was able to observe how she received her clients. And one day Evdokia also recognized in her granddaughter those qualities that you have to bring with you to become a real village witch. And she began to teach Natalia.

Stepanova‘s mission is first and foremost an enlightening one. Her books are for all who are interested in the original tradition of Russian folk magic. She has never made herself known to journalists and every star cult is far from her. The life of a village sorceress is withdrawn and closed. Magic means above all - a certain rhythm of life, a certain daily routine, the observance of certain rules, pilgrimages, work in the forest and other places of power. A „show witch“ would not have such possibilities. Stepanova meets with her followers and students, answers their calls or letters personally. But in the press she does not want to distinguish herself or spread details of her biography unnecessarily. There is no public photo, she does no public performances. Stepanova is corresponding member of RANM

Foreign rights: Poland/ Studio Astropsychologii

Awards: 2004 Best Healer of Russia
2009 Master Star 2nd Order 2nd Class Katerina the Great
2011 Avizenna Order