Roman Senchin

Roman Senchin was born in Siberia in 1971 where he subsequently grew up. Having completed his engineering studies he then went on to study at a Moscow literature institute where he still lectures today. His prose has made him one of the most prominent exponents of “New Realism”. His works have so far been translated into German, French and a number of other languages. Roman Senchin lives in Ekaterinburg.

Awards: 2019 Short list Big Book Award
2010 Short list Big Book Award
2010 Short list National Bestseller
2009 Short list Russian Booker Prize

foreign rights:
  Bulgarian/ Aviana
China/ Heilongjiang University Press
Egypt/ Al Arabi
Finland/ Into Kustannus
France/ Noir sur Blanc
Hungary/ Europa
India/ Prakahsan
Italy/ Fazi Editore
Japan/ Toyo Shoten
Macedonia/ Makedonika Litera
Netherlands/ Douane
Poland/ Noir sur Blanc
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