Galina Shatalova

Vybor Puti Choose your Way
Self-help. Litur. St. Petersburg 2002. 240 pages
Foreign rights: France/ Macro, Germany/ Random House, Italy/ Macro, Romania/ Editura Paralela 45
Over 5 Million copies sold in Russian language
Over 250.000 copies sold in German language

Health is a precious commodity. Who is freer than a healthy person? He who is well has the world in his hand, is full of strength, projected into the future and ready to realize his most ambitious projects. But why then does humanity degenerate? Why is the increase in the costs of the health service seen as a positive fact, as one of the most important parameters in a socially just organization? Why have chronic diseases become our inseparable travel companions? The intention of Shatalova, as a doctor and as a person, is to return the human being to himself, to help him become as nature conceived and shaped him. For this reason she has created a natural healing method, concrete and theoretically founded, which summarizes in itself the centu- ries-old experience of humanity, which has brought healing and health to many peop- le who had already been passed off by traditional medicine. There is nothing mystical about this method and the individual is not required to have supernatural qualities, nor long and complex preparations, but only common sense and willpower. Shatalova argues that the human being is designed to live at least 150 years, but current habits make it age already at 60 years. With this natural healing method, based on plant nutrition, breathing exercises, physical activity and new daily habits to harden the physique, we will be able to ensure longevity, physical and mental well-being and a lot of health.

Inspired by the Hippocratic statement that our food should be our remedies and our remedies our food, Shatalova has developed a concept of natural reco- very. Her diet strictly opposes the calorie theory of balanced nutrition, which is contrary to human nature. According to her, the human organism is restricted exclusively to plant foods and does not need more than 250 to 400 calories of daily food intake to maintain its basic metabolism. Everything we eat too much burdens the body and must be „disposed of“ by it. In this book she explains the anatomical and physiological backgrounds of her concept and reports on her experiences during his practical trials. The reader gets interesting insights into her daily work and research routine and receives important information on medicinal herbs, cooking recipes and relaxation exercises in order to be able to practice their comprehensive health concept themselves.