Serhii Loiko


"The author has so skillfully built up the suspense that you cannot get away from it, not even for a second; you are dragged through every phase of this compact story, from the first chapter and not just to the last chapter, but to the very last line. To the very last line ... The episodes of this novel are not merely snap-shots, they are multi-layered images like a CAT-scan. Every hero, a character; every character, a story; every story, a destiny."

"Journalistic handicraft, American to the core, with powerful protagonists in a plot that even by Hollywood standards must be called explosive."

"Up to now I thought, ... our contemporary authors can no longer find the language that truthfully and honestly presents our situation as it really is. After THE FLIGHT we can relax again: there is a witness of how we have lived. And of course this novel will not be printed in this country."
ELENA ZELINSKAYA, President of the Russian Media Union

"Every character makes his own way through the story and in the end realizes: it is personal, it affects me. Me! This is the main theme with which the author has designed the novel, a theme introduced without being intrusive, didactic, or argumentative, but presented with forcefulness and supported by a dizzying plot – and it is precisely this theme that gives the gripping suspense of the novel its inherent strength."
ANNA BERSENEVA, Academic at the Gorky Literature Institute

"The mainspring and quality of this novel is the human suffering and desire to discover the truth about the circumstances involved in the shooting down flight MH-17. This turns the novel into a genuine political thriller, one that we desperately need in our post-factual world to be able to penetrate the cloud of lies covering the squalid conflict in the Ukraine."

"In the light of military expertise, the novel reconstructs the key moments of one of the greatest tragedies of this war and represents the circumstances truly and with documentary accuracy. But these precise details never interfere with the development of the story and of the protagonists. A great number of destinies are suddenly linked together by the war.
IGOR ROMANENKO, Lieutenant-General, retired


“The macro story is ‘war is absurd’ – and more terrible than we can possibly imagine. The micro story is ‘love is absurd’ too, yet it is the eternal, fundamental essence of our being. Together they make up the most powerful experiences we will ever have in our lives.“
BEN MOSES (Hollywood producer and writer, “Good morning, Vietnam”)

“Loiko walked right up to journalism’s limit, took a deep breath, and leapt into the novel’s whirlwind. All the passi- on our profession holds, all the love that newsprint tries to squeeze out, all the rage and pain that has to be tucked away in the soul’s non-work compartments, has broken free here and, crying out, sings aloud.”