Anna Berseneva

„What Anna Berseneva writes is rare in Russian literature - it is upscale entertainment literature that does not require kitsch and has believable characters. The family saga „Veronica’s nets“ is nowhere near as dark as a book dedicated to history could be - and yet it is honest and presents the past in three dimensions using the example of a family saga.“

„We are experiencing a very complex, terrible reality right now and we are struck by the repetitions, the rhymes of history. These rhymes sound in the novels of Anna Berseneva, they sound in the scale of countries, historical events, as well as in the fates of the main characters, intertwined in a bizarre knitting, penetrating the layers of eras.“

„In Anna Berseneva the plot is only a construction in which a huge amount of historical, philosophical, emotional material is placed. These are very complex and multi-layered themes and statements. And her texts are a great material for visualization, for cinema and for TV. In general, she has created a huge and multilayered world in which you can live for years. And it‘s also very valuable that her texts about very complex things can be accessible to a mass audience. They are democratic.“
LARISSA BELZER, cultural critic, professor at FU (Berlin)