Pavel Belyanski

Babushka ne lyubila umirat' Grandma did not love to die
Biography. Summit-Book Publishing House. Ukraine 2021. 180 pages (without illustrations)
Foreign rights: Estonia/ Eesti Ramaat

A cruel, beautiful, open, truthful and relevant saga about three generations of a family who all their lives strive for personal happiness in their home, but in which there has never been love and therefore each of them remains lonely until the end of his life Days, even surrounded by numerous relatives. Each chapter here is a work of its own, a piece of life, an ironic, sad and powerful story. Nestled together, they weave into a magnificent canvas of the story of the residents of a mining village in eastern Ukraine.

All of the stories are not pure fictitious. They were created thanks to the author's power of observation, who as a result of his various professional activities has met many people in the most dramatic situations.