Leonid Yuzefovich

Leonid Yuzefovic was born in Moscow in 1947 but spent his childhood and youth in the Urals. He has a Doctorate in History and has written books on diplomatic etiquette in old Russia. He is known to a wide audience of readers through his historical thrillers about Ivan Putilin, the Tsar’s Chief of Police in St. Petersburg, a living legend during his service (1866 – 1892). Yuzefovic is capable of interweaving detailed knowledge of historical fact with masterly literary style into the plot of a thriller. L. Yuzefovich lives in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Awards: 2016 National Bestseller Award
2016 Big Book Award
2016 Shortlist Russian Booker Prize
1999 Big Book Award

foreign rights:
Bulgaria/ Ednorog
Estonia/ Postimees
France/ Noir sur Blanc
Germany/ Goldmann
Italy/ Longanesi
Poland/ Noir sur Blanc
Serbia/ Russika
Spain/ Edhasa
UK-US/ Glagoslav