Svetlana Vasilenko

Svetlana Vasilenko was born in 1956 in Kapustin Yar, a soviet space center. In 1977 she moved to Moscow to study at the Gorky Institute. In 1982 “Za saigakami” was voted the best the best novella of the year. A number of screen plays are written together with A. Konchalovsky. Svetlana Vasilenko is a member of the Russian Society of Authors and the Russina “Pen”. She has been awarded scholarships twice in the USA. She currently lives in Moscow.

Awards: 2006 Shortlist Yury Kazakov Award for Best Short Story | Gorky Prize for Best Prose
1999 Nabokov-Prize
1998 Shortlist "Booker Prize | Novy-Mir-Prize fort he best novel
1994 Sergei Eisenstein Prize (Dtl.) for screenplays

foreign rights:
Czech Republic/ Pulchra
France/ Noir sur Blanc
Germany/ DVA, Suhrkamp
Poland/ Czarne