Vladimir Sharov

Vladimir Sharov was born in Moscow in 1952. After graduating from Voronezh University he obtained his PhD in history with a thesis on the 17th century in Russia. His novel „Before and During“ published in 1993 evoked heavy polemic responses due to the provoking discussion of the entanglement of communism and religion. In addition to writing Sharov gives guest lectures on Russian history, literature and culture at international universities such as Harvard, Lexington, Cologne, Rome, Zurich, Basle as well as Oxford and Cambridge. He is a member of PEN International.

Vladimir Sharov has passed away in summer 2018 several weeks after publication of a last novel «Kingdom of Agamemnon»

Awards: 2015 Read Russia translation award
2014 Big Book Award
2014 Russian Booker Prize
2008 Proze of the Year
2002 Znamya Prize

foreign rights:
Bulgaria/ Fakel Express
China/ Chinese Youth
France/ L'Age d'Homme, Actes Sud, Phebus, L’Esprit des Peninsules, Louison Edition
Italy/ Voland
Macedonia/ Tri Publishing
Serbia/ Russika, Utopia
Slovenia/ Druzina
UK/ Dedalus