Anton Sekisov

"Some critics have described the novel as a grotesque or a satire. But it seems to me to be very realistic. Reality for us now is simply, that when written down, it adopts a grotesque or satyrical hue. In addition to that, real reality goes even further than currently perceived reality. And the development (or degeneration) of the society in Russia will soon show that "In Blood and Soil" will be considered as completely documentary. Above all it is literature. Very good literature. A very powerful first novel from Anton Sekisov. One is allowed to be jealous.“

"A book about those who have thought up and propagate the myth of the Russian World, and that in the most evil of ways, which we have had to get used to in recent years. Sekisov has written an eyewitness report about the beginning of the "Russian spring". A novel on impure energies in the tradition of the critical realism of Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, Gogol."

"In the experiences of the main protagonist Gortov, many have recognized the current times.... However there are also many love scenes in the novel - real ones, showing nervousness and inexperience."

"As if on an acid trip, Sekisov shows up the "patriotic" project with irony and sarcasm... Energetic style of writing, accurate and original metaphors. And above all an excellent and graphically fresh language. The ending is dramatic. And meaningful. I suspect it is even prophetic.

"The vision of the author is fiendish, merciless and very observant, his humour - stunning.