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Boris Pasternak

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, born 1890 in Moscow, was the son of talented artists: his father a painter and illustrator of Tolstoy's works, his mother a well-known pianist. Pasternak's education began in a German Lycée in Moscow and was continued at the University of Moscow. In 1912 he started to attend classes in philosophy at the University of Marburg. After four months in Germany and a subsequent trip to Italy, he returned to Russia and decided to dedicate himself to literature. In 1957 Doktor Zhivago appeared - first in an Italian translation - and has been acclaimed as a successful attempt at combining lyrical-descriptive and epic-dramatic styles. An autobiographical sketch, Biografichesky ocherk ("An Essay leaning towards an Autobiography"), was published in 1959. Again first in Italian, then in English. Pasternak lived in Peredelkino, near Moscow, until his early death in 1960.

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