Igor Eidman

Igor Eidman was born in Gorky (today Nizny Novgorod) in 1968 as the son of a famous physicist. After graduating in history he began his career in the 1990s, working as journalist and editor for different media. He later became political consultant for high-ranking politicians, members of the Russian Duma and leaders of the liberal parties. The publication of his conceptual research work on theoretical sociology and social history entitled "Breakthrough to the Future. The Sociology of the Internet Revolution" brought him overnight fame. He took on the post of Communications Director with the Russian Centre for Public Opinion Research (VCIOM). However, after his support as a witness for the New Times for uncovering an in-house corruption scandal, he lost his job and, seeing himself and his family under increased pressure, he emigrated to Germany. Not many years later his cousin, the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, was murdered in Moscow. Eidman's most recent publication is "Das System Putin" (Heyne, Germany, 2016). He writes for wellknown German-language newspapers such as SZ, FAZ, NZZ or magazines such as Focus. He has his own column with the Deutsche Welle.

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