Dmitri Danilov

Danilov was born in Moscow in 1969. Writer, playwrighter, poet. Author of eight books of prose, five books of poetry and six plays. „The Man from Podolsk“ was shown in more than 50 theatres worldwide. Danilov lives in Moscow.

Awards: 2022 Book of the Year
2022 Yasnaya Polyana Award
2021 Moscow Art Prize
2018 Golden Mask (Russia’s most prestigious theatre award)
2016 Premio Letterare Internazionale Citta di Cattolica
2013 Big Book Award shortlist
2012 Novy Mir Award 2012
2011 Big Book Award shortlists
2010 Andrei Bely Award shortlist

foreign rights:
Bulgaria/ Panorama
Germany/Theater Bamberg, Gastspiel Berlin
Greek/ National Theatre
Italy/ Carta Canta
Macedonia/ Prozart
Netherlands/ Douane
Serbia/ Utopia, Sluzhbeni Glasnik
Spain/ Entorno Grafico