Anna Starobinets

Anna Starobinets was born in Moscow in 1978. She is a Russian and Israely citizen, writer and scriptwriter who works in various genres: sci-fi, dystopias and horrors for adults, fairy and detective stories for children. She is the widow of Alexander Garros, a critically acclaimed Latvian author. Her anti-government views have forced Starobinets to escape from Russia with her two children and dog in spring 2022.

Starobinets publicly announced about her decision to go into exile:
«I’m not needed “here”, because I call the war what it is: war. Because I insist that the people of Ukraine are peaceful, not fascists. People who are being bombed by my own homeland.
What can I do? Stay in Russia, take to the streets every day with those who are brave enough? Get beaten in the face and kidney-punched? Get sent to prison for three years, or twenty years? Probably not twenty, of course. Three is more likely. And for the first offence, just two weeks or so. But I can’t do it. I cannot bear to leave my children. They have no-one in the world but me.
What can I do? Stay in Russia, and remain silent? Become part of it? No, I can’t do that either.
What can I do? Go elsewhere, lose everything? Everything except the shreds of my self-respect, and my children. That’s my choice. I’ve made it – and left.
With these words, I burn my bridges. My sympathy: for Ukraine. My respect: for those who remain, to fight on.»

For her books in the genre HORROR please click here

Awards: 2021 Spanish Celsius-232
2021 Longlist Astrid Lindgren Award
2021 Shortlist Kornei Chukovski Award
2020 Russian Detective Award
2018 ESF Award «Best European Sci-fi author»
2017 Winner Imaginales festival in Epinal/ France
2016 Grand Prix of Utopiales Sci-fi book festival/ France
2014 National Bestseller Award Russia
2014 Prix Masterton
2014 Winner «The Portal» Scifi Assembly Ukraine

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