Viktor Martinovich

V. Martinovich was born in Oshmiany, Belarus in 1977. He is a political scientist, doctor of art history, and professor at the Vilnius University. He is a regular contributor to the German weekly DIE ZEIT. His literary works are published parallel in the Belarusian and Russianlanguages. Paranoia, published in Russia at the end of 2009, was immediately banned from sale in Belarus (unofficially prohibited). In 2017 he was Writer in Residence at the Literaturhaus Zürich and PWG foundation. Viktor Martinovich lives with his family in Minsk.

Awards: 2020 Best of Fest at LAShorts (Lake of Happiness)
2012 Bogdanovich Literary Award
2011 Best European Fiction anthology (Dalkey Archive)

foreign rights:
Finland/ Like
Germany/ Voland and Quist
Latvia/ Prometejs
Sweden/ Ersatz
USA/ Northwestern University Press