Stella Nudolskaya

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• Sugar Child

Olga Gromova

In 1988, Olga Gromova, active librarian and editor-in-chief of the specialized journal „Biblioteka v shkole“, met her neighbour, Stella (nicknamed Elia) Doubrova (Noudolskaya - which is her mother‘s maiden name), who gradually tells her her per- sonal story. Olga Gromova turned it into a strong and tender book for young people, in which the reader accompanies the girl Elia through all her impassable life. First published in a newspaper in the form of four short stories entitled „Ne pozvoliaï sebe boyatsia“, the text immediately found its young audience. Stella continued her writing work, then left Olga to finish and publish the novel. In the 1980s, Stella Doubrova (Nudolskaya) participated in demonstrations against political repression in Russia and worked as a volunteer for the Memorial Association.

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