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Olga Beshlei

Olga Beshlei was born in Obninsk in 1989, a small research town in the district of Kaluga. After completing her schooling at the technical school for physics of the Institute of Atomic Energy, she went to Moscow to study political journalism. She became a political editor at the oppositional magazine "The New Times". Her first short story was published on "Batenka Transformer" an independent internet portal that observes the transformation process in contemporary society. After the success of her story "The FSB and my big pink Dildo" she was given the monthly column "Beshlei" on Colta.ru. In 2017 all those texts were published in book-form. At present Olga Beshlei is editor-in-chief of Batenka.ru. She lives in Moscow.

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You will also find Beshlei as a contributor to the Swiss journal REPORTAGEN

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