Marina Aromshtam

Marina Aromshtam was born 1960 in Moscow. For nearly 20 years she worked as a school teacher. She also devoted twelve years of life to pedagogical journalism. The last ten years she has been engaged into issues around children’s reading and support for young readers. She oversees several educational institutions for preschool children and orphans. In 2022 she left Russia. Aromshtam lives in Israel.

Marina Aromshtam about her decision to go into exile:
“The war Russia unleashed on Ukraine forced me and my husband to leave Russia. The spirit of war that drove us out of the country likely wanted to deprive us of more than just our homeland. It threatened to take away our language and ability to write — to reduce us to nothing.”

Foreign rights in general:
China, Lithuania, Thailand, Ukraine

Awards in general:
2020 K. Chukovsky Prize
2019 winner BIBF Ananas Grand Jury Prize Beijing
2018 Klaus Flugge Prize London
Included in the list White Crows of International Munich Child’s Library